How do you give yourself the space necessary to create?
Paul Jarvis

Creative Space All Around

yeah, I could work here

My entire house is my creative space, really. Although the ‘serious work’ i.e. for other people, mostly happens in my untidy, cramped, overflowing with books and never enough desk space office.

Which is in my house.

But my work for me happens all over the house. My knitting designing and creating happens on the living room sofa, next to my stash, my needles, my curious bits of buttons/bows/pompom makers.

Designs for my company’s website/paper goods/what have you, tends to start on the bus, actually. So not just my house. I have several different types of drawing app on both my iDevice and my Android one. And I often open them on the bus when an idea strikes me.

And then they are finished in my office. Because that’s where the laptop that has Adobe (and can handle several kinds of Adobe at once) lives. Sometimes that laptop comes downstairs, but it’s rare. For one thing, upstairs also has two monitors. I find I can no longer work well with only one.

I can’t write much by hand any more, thanks to arthritic fingers that can barely hold a pencil. But I can use a finger on a touch screen. Or a mouse.

I cannot work in quiet or clean. Even the living room, which I, of course, share with my family, is never tidy. For one thing, do you know how many trains/cars/action figures the average five year old has? Not enough storage space in the world. And then there’s the average husband, geek variety. Comics. DVDs. BluRays. Games. Game consoles. An eclectic untidy mess of a living room.

But a great place to be creative.

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