I Roll Over

And the pain wakes me up. The top of my arms aching, deep and hard.

I look at the clock and sigh. Only 530. I have another hour until the alarm.

I roll over again, trying to ease the pain, supporting one arm on my body pillow, one along my side. Maybe two body pillows would help and sleeping on my back.

My leg begins to complain at me as well, the ache from my ass to my ankle. I sigh and haul myself out of bed so I can at least relieve the pressure in my bladder.

I get back into bed, after a truly epic pee, and try to go back to sleep.

Not gonna happen.

So I grab my phone and start cruising click bait sites, Cracked and BuzzFeed lists, anything that takes no brain power and sometimes allows me to fall back to sleep.

But not today. Today I watch, out of the corner of my eye, as 530 becomes 545 then 6. At 610 I sigh and think ‘I could get 20 more minutes of sleep if I fell back right now’.

Still didn't happen.








Time to get up.

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