Clerkenwell Design Week

Petite Friture / Morten Jonas

Being based in Clerkenwell ourselves, we were really excited to visit some of our designer neighbours (as well as some fantastic international designers) this week. Here are a few highlights from this year’s show:

  1. Frantz chair by Tekhne

A beautiful, modern reinterpretation of the Thonet chair by Italian studio Tekhne:

2. Haru Tapes

Graphic and modern artwork murals by tape Japanese tape specialist Haru are happening all over the show:


3. Light installation by Territory Studio

Visit Territory Studio’s open house on Great Sutton Street for some incredible light and sound installations.

4. Illustrations and product design by Petite Friture

Petite Friture collaborate with designers in various fields to create to bold and fresh designs — be it wallpapers or interior products such as sofas and lamps.