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And the bill was passed today.

Days like this make me greatful that after 40+ years a Christian (20 a pastor’s wife), I’m a hard atheist today. I do honor the Christianity of the Beatitudes, which has all but vanished.

Moderate Christians say, “We’re not like them They’re not real Christians!”

But the credible Pew survey shows not only 95% of Evangelicals voted Trump, but *80%* of Christians overall. None of these were “real?”

One can’t blink without hearing of a Right-to-Life event, but did any Christians band together to protest this? No. Now we’ve lost health care for “the least of these.”

Christians have said to me, “Well, if all those people die, it’s just God’s will,” and “If you had Jesus you wouldn’t CARE about those other people.”

This is the moral and ethical bankruptcy of modern Christianity. And I’m no longer tied to it.

I don’t know a single atheist who opposes universal health care, and who doesn’t believe we’re obliged to care for the poor and the sick.

Most of us aren’t nihlists. And we don’t await some heavenly life to come where things will be made right. We think things should be made right here and now.

Human life is precious BECAUSE it ends. Addressing peoples’ needs is urgent. We’ve a right to enjoy the life we know we have, and help others do the same.

Christians preoccupied with with another life make this one cheap.Their apathy about the health bill proves it. They may hate that we’re Darwinists, but many of us hate that they’re Social Darwinists.