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You’re not worth the taxpayer’s dime.

Welcome to this.

I have felt that way too for some time now, and my condition is much less expensive than yours. It’s a trifling amount, really, for the taxpayers.

I wind up spending hours and hours defending myself on social media: No, I didn’t cause my own illness by smoking crack. Yes, as a matter of fact, I WAS employed — full-time, for more than 30 years. Yes, I had savings but I lost it. No, I’m not just looking for a handout.

(Please, please forgive me for being here. I know I am a burden. What do you want me to do…?)

I was just hospitalized last week for a major depressive episode (thanks, Obamacare), because I’m afraid of a future with no health care. And worse, I feel abandoned by my country and my fellow citizens, who are incensed that I dare to exist even though I can’t work today.

How worthless am I that I did All The Things I was supposed to do, and did them well, and tried — but it wasn’t enough to be entitled to my own entitlements?

And why should I have been required to All The Things well to deserve the most basic respect and dignity as a human living in the richest nation in the world?

Goodness, we’re so rich we can afford to throw trillions of tax dollars away … and all I want is some medicine and rent.

(I’m sorry that’s too much.)

What’s most astounding is the sheer meanness of the dialogue. When we heard of premiums that were too high, we didn’t mock them.

But tell someone you are afraid of losing health care: “lolol Libtard! How about get a JOB!! Why should I pay for your OBUMMERcare? Lol!!”

I take that back. What’s REALLY most astounding is how much of the mocking comes from Christians.

Pew says 95% of Evangelical/Born Again Christians who voted, voted for Trump. No bigger demographic supported him more. And the vast majority still support him.

Look at the profiles of the most ardent repeal supporters: they have Jesus and God and Love and Christ and Peace.

Go ahead, tell me they aren’t “true Christians.” I was one of them most of my life, and I won’t go there. But these are the people who self-identify as being filled with the Holy Spirit. Who is for real? Only 80%? 50%?

It should be 0%. Which spirit are they filled with? Aren’t our lives as important as a fetus’s?


Proud I’m an atheist. Most of US are mortified by the way this country treats its vulnerable.

I hope I’m past this now, but the future is a long time. If this Administration continues on this course against everyone and everything that’s not wealthy, Christian and white … crashes the economy … and kills the programs that provide food, clothing and comfort for those left behind, I predict a wave of suicides over the next decade like this county has never seen before.

(What else can we do…?)


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