Are You 9 to 5 or 95?
Grant Cardone

My question is why. Why you need to have so much money?

You work 95 hours a week, you’re not any different than the guy who works 9to5, may be the one who works 9to5 is enjoying some free time during the week to do some activity but if you really work 95 hours a week, I don’t think you will have much time to do anything and the least of them is to live.

I came to this post because I was curious what’s the purpose for someone who wants to work 95 hours, and I just can’t find it.

May be you like to work and make money, good for you, but that doesn’t mean others have to be like you or just because they work 9to5 they are not successful. I am tired of today’s world that measures success by how much money someone has. Any form of extremity, whether religion, politics, violence or money is abnormal. Don’t tell me that you enjoy life than everyone who works 9to5. I know many people who works few months of the year, or they work part time jobs and they are happier and richer than those who have money. They give and contribute more to society than most so called billionaire. Enough with you guys (so called material rich people) trying to impose your insecurities on others.

Life was meant to be lived.

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