“Love is all a matter of timing”
Lily Chen

It is so true. I met my husband in fifth grade and started dating him in our senior year. We actually were friends for years before we started dating. He saw me through thick (literally) and thin (now). I am so thankful we started dating when we did and not sooner. I had my share of losers (big time) early on, thank God, so I knew a gem when I got him. I’m also thankful we didn’t wait until now. He’s still fluffy and sometimes people look at us together and wonder because I take very good care of myself and he’s a big teddy bear of a man, but he’s mine and I wouldn’t trade him for anything. Yet, if he saw me now he’d never ask me me out. He’d assume I wouldn’t consider him, which isn’t true at all. He’s an amazing man who is smart, funny, a gifted teacher, so thoughtful everyone always wants to know if he has a brother.

We started dating when it was right for us. It isn’t always right for two people to fall in love in high school, but it was for us (that was over 34 years ago). I am thankful I never knew another man before him in the way I know him. He is my gift.

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