On a Hot Summer Night I Lost My Husband to The Lakers
Danna Colman

Thank you! I intentionally did not marry a man who was a sports fan because I grew up in a household where sports was HUGE to my dad. It meant and means the world to him. When my sister’s boyfriend played in the Rose Bowl he said, in front of all of us, “This is the BEST day of my life.”

Do you…well yes. You do. You know what that feels like. I looked at him and said, “Not your wedding day? Not my wedding day? Not the birth of your children?” and just walked away.

So I get it and for the sake of your children, thank you. They can see Dad when the game isn’t on and maybe they will get some attention from him. I hope so. I hope he gets it because nothing hurts more than not understanding why your parents don’t seem to care very much about you.

I never wanted that in a husband, nor as a father to my kids. My husband and I never were blessed with children (we care for OTHER people’s kids, we’re both teachers), and we have become Seahawks fans, but not rabid and we put each other first.

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