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Watching the news today, I see immigration is high on the topic list. I am an immigrant, I was born in Canada to American parents. I have been living in the US for over 30 years, and have a very good understanding on the concerns of immigration and deportation.

I think we can all agree that most of our families immigrated not more than 1–5 generations ago, We are children, grandchildren or great grandchildren of immigrants, so we all have a right to get involved in this discussion. The issue here is the safety of our nation, those in support of the southern border fence, are not opposed to LEGAL immigration, but Illegal immigration.

The solution is simple, If you have a criminal background, you will not be allowed into this country, and if you are not a legal resident, then you should be deported. I have no issue with immigrants that are currently living here in the US, with no criminal record, getting residency. I do however find issue with allowing persons from any nation, receiving government funding, food, medical or any support without going through the proper channels. Why should we as taxpayers, sit by and watch our tax money be spent on housing, food, and medical costs of criminals who illegally entered our country? There are millions of people around the world who would love to be able to come to our great country, but unfortunately for them, Unlike the Mexican border, which has only desert and some fences, there is an ocean separating them from us. They must go through the proper channels. It is simply opportunity that allows Mexican citizens to enter so easily. Dare I say it? If you commit a crime, you are a criminal. If one has entered this country illegally, by definition, they are a criminal. I have no issue with honest law abiding citizens getting residency after the fact, but a criminal background in this, and their native country should be mandatory. Once the Wall is up, we will be able to handle all incoming traffic properly. It will still allow any Mexican citizen to enter, as long as they have a clean background. This will allow us to prevent the criminals from entering.

Those of us from Canada, and those that live near the Canadian border, will tell you that if you are an American citizen with a DUI, you will not be allowed into Canada. Simple as that. They are one Nation that is protecting its citizens from those who break the law.

I am not concerned about the 95% that are honest law abiding citizens, but like anyone, I am concerned about murderers, thieves, rapists and drug carriers illegally entering our country from ANY other country. There is a system in place, it should be used. This will allow anyone who qualifies, to legally enter our country, and become a resident. It will also keep the criminals out, God knows we have enough of those here already…