Reports of Teen General Assembly 2017

This document is created as a report of the Teen General Assembly Policy Conversation, teen interaction and development..

The Teen General Assembly empowered African teenagers aged 19 and under to influence and inform the decisions that affect their lives. We support teenagers to get involved in their communities and democracy locally, nationally and internationally, making a difference as volunteers, campaigners, decision-makers and leaders.

Segun Abiona, CEO Nicole and Giovanni
Betty Irabor, CEO Genevieve Magazine
Chinemenma Umeseaka, SA to the Governor Abia State on Teen Matters. Debola Lagos: Red media
Representative; Leadway Assurance, Kunbi Adeoti I Steve Babaeko CEO X3Media
Olufolabi Tinuade & Mmanti Umoh, President, Teen General Assembly.

Roll call: ADEBOLA WILLIAMS Co-Founder RED | CEO Red Media Africa and StateCraft Inc | Pan-Africanist, SEGUN ABIONA: Founder — Nicole & Giovanni LLC, CHINEMENMA UMESEAKA Special Adviser Teen Matters & Teenage Coach, BETTY IRABOR Nigerian columnist and Founder of Genevieve magazine, AYO ADERIBIGBE Chief Operating Officer — Bell Oil and Gas, DAMILOLA OWOLABI Speaker CEO, Dreg Waters, STEVE BABAEKO Ideas’ Chief Executive Officer/Chief Creativity Officer Petroleum & Logistics Ltd, KUNBI ADEOTI Division Director-HR at Leadway Assurance Company Limited.

“This year’s #TGA theme was simple “DISRUPT US”. We engaged the public and private sectors on education, leadership & governance, economic stability and entrepreneurship. All this whilst also strengthening the collective voice of teenagers across Africa to inform and influence decision making locally nationally and internationally. Finally, introducing the Teen Internship Program called the Teen Innovation and Opportunity Program (TIOP). TIOP Internship Program is designed to enable teenagers to obtain professional and entrepreneurial experience while learning skill, character, structure and application of knowledge.

Our Vision is to ensure every teenagers’ right to health, education, dignified labour, equality and protection. The Mission is to close the gap between intention and action by connecting people, organizations, ideas, resources and teenagers.

Policy Recommendation 2017

  1. TGA’s priority campaign was Teen Inclusion & Internship, to increase teen participation and to provide 5% internship opportunities within the public and private sectors. We believe that organisations working with teenagers need to ensure that they are acting in the interests of all of their stakeholders, including teens.
  2. The Teen General Assembly calls on organisations, academia and to make a commitment to involving teenagers in their decision-making through internship and consultation, round the table and in the boardroom.
  3. We also called for a Special Adviser on teen matters to be appointed by different states, nations and councils to coordinate all teen policies properly.
  4. Be partners to initiate reform policies in Africa that allow “inclusion” of 5% teen internship opportunities within companies/enterprises of its fellows and its Agencies.
  5. Create avenues to entrust teenagers with leadership for problem solving so they can become responsible for the solutions they seek by getting Social Entrepreneurs to sign up to hire/intern/mentor 5% teenagers through their various platforms around the world.

In many cases these young people don’t have a connection to a parent or someone at home that gives them encouragement and a sense of self-worth. Knowing someone thinks they’re capable of achieving success gives many of them the encouragement to work hard and overcome obstacles. 
We are teenagers — and our network aims to help other teenagers, whatever their background or barriers they face, to make the world a better place for us all through active citizenship and teen-led social action. The Teen General Assembly will continue to represent the lived experiences of teenagers through our members, working together to be at the very centre of decision making on issues that affect us and that we are passionate about.

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Becky Praise
Teen News Reporter