Suicidal Break

You think he’s still the happy boy he used to be, don’t you? Well…he’s not. He’s crying inside, he’s covering the scars that have appeared, he’s staying quiet. He’s cutting, he’s crying, he’s lying about his feelings and all your doing is seeing what’s on the outside and not what’s inside. He’s not the happy boy you once had. He’s being bullied, rejected, his confidence in himself is fading each and every day, he tries so hard to fit in when everyone around him is pushing him away. He quit sharing his feelings, now he’s always in his bedroom, doing who knows what. He’s getting skinnier and skinnier because he’s afraid he’ll ‘eat to much’ or ‘eat all the food’ cause kids keep saying he weighs to much. He doesn’t smile, he doesn’t go out, he doesn't sleep, all he does is stay up asking himself “why me, why me? How can I fit in, be like others?” But you can’t see that can you? No, cause all you see is the “smile” that appears there on his “happy” face when really he’s frowning inside. Not happy at all, he’s damaged, ruined, dying, crying, and yet…you see the happiness! You see what he wants you to see, not what you should see. One day the boy that used to smile everyday is going to be gone. Been getting bullied to much and hurt where he just ended it thinking “it’ll all be better, it’ll all stop if I just…cut…a little…deeper” then one day…you walked in his bedroom, there he was lying on the floor..holding a razor, still, stiff, not breathing…your happy boy has ended his life. He’s gone because everyone saw the smile that wasn’t real, hes gone because everyone didn’t see how he was really feeling, he’s gone…cause no one cared.