Let’s Talk Emoji !

Emoji Icon- Photo from Pinterest.com

Nowadays, our phones seem to be everyone’s social lifelines. You literally see everyone of all ages with a mobile device. It becomes even more addicting now that we have social media platforms, the use of internet, and innovative ways to communicate. It really intrigues me on how much technology evolved and literally changed our lives. Who would have ever thought of phones? Communicating ear through ear using a small device? Well… with that small device comes surprises. Emoji’s! What are Emoji’s? These emoji’s that people are talking about are said to be the “new language”, especially when texting. Excuse me, the new “lingo”. Emoji’s are a birth of a new language. It conveys multiple emotional messages through text.

Texting has literally been taken to the next level. I don’t even have to write “LOL” anymore. I can just put the laughing emoji or when I’m upset I can just put the mad face without writing a whole paragraph on why my boyfriend didn’t bring me food last night. I honestly think emoji’s are great. They are very popular today. In fact, even so popular that they sell emoji’s in stores! In my opinion, I think they went a little overboard with that.

In the store, you can find emoji pillows, bedroom slippers, leggings, shirts, hats, cups, etc. You name it! Emoji’s are so exciting! The meaning of emoji’s can sometimes be a little confusing. I am not sure what some of them mean but most of them are pretty clear to understand. My favorite emoji to use is the blush face, the dazzling stars, and the delicious emoji. Those are definitely my most common ones I use. I blush all the time, the dazzling stars I feel add a little bit of happiness to my text messages and the delicious emoji I use because I eat all the time. For those who don’t know me I love food. Not to mention they have a lot of food emoji symbols also. Emoji’s are such a fascinating development in everyday communication.

Emoji pillows — Photo from Sopwell.com

Emoji’s also shows a sense of emotional tone. It helps prevent miscommunication by showing what is close to our “facial expression”. When you’re not face to face with a person, that is when emoji’s come into place. It helps illustrate our messages as part of nonverbal communication. There are so many times where a regular text I sent was miscommunicated. I am so happy that they created emoji’s. I do not have to say anything but to put a face or a symbol. How cool is that?

The reason I believe emoji were created is because texting lacks. Texting lack a sense of expression and fun sometime. Emoji’s makes texting and the use of social media more exciting and add feelings to the messages. Lets’ talk emoji’s. I can literally have a whole conversation with just using emoji’s. Emoji’s are most commonly used on snapchat, Facebook, and twitter. If I take a group picture and I don’t like the way my face turned out, I can literally insert an emoji to cover my face instead of keeping the picture. You can also create stories with them on snapchat. Facebook you can tell the users how you are feeling instead of writing a whole paragraph on how mad you are because your little sister spilled chocolate milk on your new white pants. As far as twitter, you can just communicate with emoji’s. Social media is now more interesting to use. I would say emoji’s are the spice to it.

Texting with emojis — Photo from PopSugar Text.com

Last week I tried communicating solely with emoji for a whole day. It was actually interesting to find that I could have a whole conversation and have the other person understand what I was saying. For example, to tell my mother I was at school I inserted the school bus and book symbol with an apple. Instead of me saying “Mom I’m at school” I found this to be extremely easier. With emoji’s you can also keep the conversation short and precise. I can literally end the conversation by putting a smiley face emoji and the conversation can be left at that.

Emoji’s also help break down language barriers. It is hard to guess a person facial expression, but with emoji’s it appears to be easier. It helps create the tone in which you speak in also. You can also add in text pictures of different types of food (bacon being my most favorite), clothing, flags from where you are from, sports, transportation, buildings, signs, devices, and many other different items. So basically, emoji aren’t just facial expressions, it can be other things too.

When we cannot find the right words to say or do not want to miscommunicate a message, we use emoji’s. Emoji’s basically helps enhance communication with description and clarity. Adding an image to your text makes the text more effective. It shows more personal interaction.

The use of emoji’s is becoming widely used all around the world. I think some emoji’s are annoying especially when you have a little brother sending the same rolling eyes face to your phone. Can I get a break? Sometimes people reply with only emoji’s instead of using actual words which can be frustrating. Can we really say that emoji are an actually language? A person can not necessarily speak emoji, so for people to say it is the new lingo is kind of weird. They do have a meaning towards them in which we understand.

I am excited to see what the future have to offer. There are always new things coming out. So many that it is hard to keep track. *inserts hardworking emoji*. I believe emoji’s will always be a valuable communication tool. It is a trend that people of all ages use. By using emoji’s, it will keep the users engaged and even help improve their moods. So if mommy is having a bad day send her some love with the “kissy face emoji”. Now that will brighten her day!

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