The next chapter

The ending of one chapter is closing while another opens. Next month I will be graduating college. Wow! I have come this far and I have enjoyed the journey even with the struggles! The struggles is what made me stronger. Throughout my college journey, I have met a lot of amazing people and visited many companies and business that really help me view life from a different angle.

This week my class and I went to The Wall Street Journal. It was such a great experience. When first walking in the building and seeing everyone around me, I thought about the city jobs that are on tv or in the movies. I’m not sure why but I guess it was because majority either had a newspaper, magazine, a cup of coffee, on their laptop, making phone calls or a lot of papers around them. I was intrigued. What exactly are they doing? It was pretty obvious but what makes them want to come to work every day? Once I see all a bunch of papers, I think, “OH NO more work”, but that was not the case for this job. It was different.. It was interesting.. It was fun.

We sat in a conference room with a group of hardworking individuals who shared their story with us, a typical day to them, what got them where they are today, and about Wall Street Journal itself. My favorite part was when they talked about creating news stories and Snapchat discover. Snapchat was one of the newest social media platforms that is out today. Snapchat discover is exciting. With Snapchat Discover, you keep up-to-date on breaking news and things going on around us right now. Erin Brown was one of the people that stood out, to me, the most. She was excited and really loved her job. It intrigued me on how not her but all of them loved what they do. As I go into my career, I want to be just as excited as they are! I want to be able to be motivated to come to work the next day. If I can take one thing out of visiting The Wall Street Journal, it would be to find a job find what makes you happy and what your passionate about and just run from there. “When you find a job that you love, you will never have to work a day in your life”. I never really understood that quote but I sure do now!

I would just like to thank Leandro Oliva Erin Brown, Dave Cole and the other individuals that shared their stories with us. You guys are truly great. I am blessed to have the opportunity to sit and talk with the engagement team from The Wall Street Journal. Throughout my life, I have seen myself blossom into not only a student athlete but also a strong, individual. I have always been nervous and curious as to what it would be like after I graduate. Going on visits and talking to many different people really makes me more confident. Although I know life will not be easy and will come with many obstacles, I will still push through. One thing I cannot stress enough is that many people will know your name, but not your story. Some of the professionals that we met struggled just like us. This is a part of life! (I know sucks right). But they all have a story as to how that got where they are today. My life is just another book about to open a new chapter in my life.

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