Smokey The Bear Resist shirt

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A number of my friends are fans of the Alt National Parks Twitter account (now called @NotAltWorld) and the Smokey the Bear Resist art. This may be of interest to some of you.


Smokey Bear says, only you can protect our public lands and wildlife.
(I am having a photo shoot with my Smokey Bear and animals figures) I put this design on T-spring that will print tshirts on demand. if you want a shirt here is the link!


We think Smokey Bear is the George Clooney of dogs, clearly getting more handsome with age, who can resist that salt n’ pepper face?! He’s got the personality to match, classic and sophisticated, Smokey Bear is always puparazzi ready. Need this shirt now!


I believe in science and now have our Smokey the Bear Resist sticker on our car. I encourage you to get yours so that we never are silenced. How can I get one of the Smokey the Bear resist bumper stickers.

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