3rd and Masala: Week 1 postgame analysis and Week 2 preview

Starting from now, I’m going to try to make a post-game + next week preview post. Let’s start with the match up recaps:

Match up of the week: Rachana v.s. Manas

This matchup opened badly for Rachana with Tyreek Hill going off for 27 points on the very first Thursday night football game of the season. He did all that even though he got cramps and had to leave the game for some time.

There goes Alex Smith’s huge game that he has once a year; at least it was used against the Patriots. Honestly, I wasn’t paying much attention to this until later in the evening on Sunday as I realized that Manas and Rach ended up about 1 point apart. Antonio Brown, did what only one other first round pick did in week one, lived up to expectations and helped offset Hill’s game. Unfortunately for Manas his two stud receivers were unable to do enough and put him slightly behind Rach by the end of Sunday night. Then came the exciting double header on Monday night and it could not have worked out more perfectly. Both Rachana (Brees and Sanders) and Manas (Thomas and CJ) had a player in the first game and one in the second game. Both games provided the opportunity for one to take over the other but alas the Vikings defense was good enough at shutting down the Saints offense that this matchup had to be decided in the final game. Unfortunately for Manas, CJ just couldn’t get into the endzone and Brees bought Rachana enough space so that Manas’s victory came down to a final second kick hoping for overtime. Unfortunately the Broncos iced Younghoe and then blocked his game-tying field goal to end the week giving Rachana her first win of the season.

Victor: Rachana (1–0)

Tejas v.s. Anthony

This matchup would have been really close if the Ram’s defense didn’t go off for 28 points against my Colts 😞. Very bittersweet. Either way, Anthony’s team did pretty well this week even when, in my opinion, his RBs underperformed. I think this matchup was over by the afternoon games because of the Rams Defense but I’m sure Anthony will bounce back and win quite a few games this season.

Victor: Tejas (1–0)

Dheeraj v.s. Greg

Well, what’s the point? I had Greg going 0–13 this season and that prediction is already wrong after week 1. Unfortunately, OBJ was an evening scrap and it put Dheeraj in a bad position especially with Gronk having a bad opening night game. Greg’s team did not have a great showing but Dalvin Cook broke the record for rushing yards by a Viking rookie (AP was the previous holder). I think once OBJ comes back and Demarco gets back on track, his team will be scary.

Victor: Greg (1–0)

Kumar v.s. Tynisa

A moment of silence for Kumar please…

The loss of David Johnson is going to hit hard for Kumar. In fact, Kumar actually traded away the corpse of DJ to Manas for CJ2ypc today. There is not much to say about this matchup besides the injury to DJ. It was one-sided from the get-go and it was obvious Kumar would win early. The bright side for Tynisa is Adam Thielen. He looked sharp and if the Viking’s O-line can continue to buy Bradford time, he will be able to thrive.

Victor: Kumar (1–0)

Abhishek v.s. Levin

Abhishek has been saying that this is his year and no better way to start it off than by crushing the current 3rd and Masala Champ. Abhishek had, by far, the best opening night in 3rd and Masala history by having his rookie RB Kareem Hunt go off for 45 points. Now, this was completely by accident as he wanted to put him on the bench for the first game. Regardless, Abhishek would have won this week’s matchup as Levin’s team completely dropped the ball. Without Evans, Levin’s strong WR corps was not good enough to overcome the onslaught of Abhishek’s team this week. Hopefully Levin’s team can bounce back week 2 when Evans returns.

Victor: Abhishek (1–0)

Now that week one is in the books, let’s pull out my power rankings for week one! I will have some graphs and stuff as the season progresses but there is not much data at the moment because there is only one week.

1) Abhishek

Abhishek’s team went off and looked really good. Hunt won’t go off again like that anytime soon but it’s good to know he has the potential for it. He was also able to pick up the most popular waiver wire pick up in Tairek Cohen using his #1 priority. Abhishek and I put up similar scores but even his bench went off and overall, his victory was significantly more dominant. Albeit, against a weaker team.

2) Tejas

Out of the top 20 picks, only a handful actually had good games this week. Bell was unfortunately not one of them. My team did well but my players, are having slow starts to the season and if it weren’t for 28 point effort from the Rams defense, I may have won this week. Regardless, any team with two of the top four backs in the league will be scary. Not to mention that Doug Martin is waiting in the wings for week 5 to make his return to the field.

3) Rachana

She was part of the match of the week and her team looked very solid. Antonio Brown looked like what he should be and especially because it was on the road, it should instill more confidence. Cooper looked really good and actually dropped a couple of potential touchdowns. Even with those drops, he was only about 3 points away from Jordy. All her players performed but part of why Rach is 3rd is because her team kinda disappears after the first five players or so. Her depth is pretty uninspiring and with Cohen in the Bears backfield, who knows what will happen to Howard?

4) Manas

A few bad draws gave Manas the L for week one but his team is still really scary. I think his receivers are not as good as Rachana’s because they are a lot less reliable. Julio can drop 5 points this week but 40 next week but does that 40 help if you would have won with just 20? His RBs are also disappointing especially Todd Gurley. Gurley was against the Colts defense who made Goff look like Aaron Rodgers and Gurley could only manage 2.1 ypc. I think the OC is starting to realize that he is much better out in open space and this led to an increase in receptions. If this is the case, Gurley still will be very good in fantasy as long as they keep feeding him. Manas also now has DJ which could make his team the scariest one in the playoffs if DJ comes back in time.

5) Anthony

I talk up this team a lot but I have consistently put multiple teams above his. I do think Anthony’s team has a lot of potential and is probably one of the more stable rosters in the league. Just kidding (about the stable part), having Carlos Hyde and Alshon Jeffrey as your RB2 and WR2 can be dangerous. They both looked good this week but injury is always a concern. I’m also not very thrilled about his bench and I think that he will suffer heavily during bye weeks unless he gets some good depth from the waivers in the coming weeks.

6) Kumar

I wasn’t very impressed with Kumar’s team even after the draft but now that DJ is gone, his team has a lot of holes. The trade for CJ was a good move and will at least let him have some depth to help get him into the playoffs. Once you get into the playoffs, anything can happen. Lynch did look good for Kumar and he still has Cooks who has the big game blow up potential as always. Kumar made some good moves to help recover from DJ’s absence but I’m not sure they will be good enough.

7) Dheeraj

It’s hard to say what Dheeraj’s team will look like once OBJ comes back. I think his team has the potential to be one of the better teams because of OBJ and Gronk but Demarco did not look too hot this week. Henry is nipping at his heels and, while I don’t think Murray loses the job, he can take a lot of touches away from Demarco. He currently has both Sammy Watkins and Mike Gilisee on his starting line up and those are very risky plays. However, they may end up being his best plays because his bench does not seem that exciting and after losing to Greg in week one, morale may be low.

8) Gregory

This is a bit of a twist but I was actually pretty surprised by Greg’s team this week. Dalvin Cook looked really good and West looked fairly solid as well. His receivers aren’t incredible but they are pretty solid and Keenan Allen looks great out on the field. He also has the best QB in the game and now that the Seattle game is over, it should be easier for Rodgers to rack up points. His bench is decent and but let’s see if he ever looks at his team and makes adjustments to it as the season progresses.

9) Levin

Mike Evans will be back and the Evans + Dez duo will be scary. Dez did look very impressive even against Jenkins and his day would have been much better if Dak didn’t miss a few wide open passes. However, Dez’s schedule gets harder and Zeke takes snaps away from him as they will be committed to the run. I’m not very excited about him this year. Levin’s running backs are still awful and a complete revamp of the bench has left it full of waiver wire lottery tickets that he is hoping pays off. I think it’s unlikely they do but for his sake, I hope they do.

10) Tynisa

Tynisa also did a bench overhaul including dropping Mcfadden who ended up being a healthy scratch. I expect Brady to come back and Jay Ajayi is returning which is good news for her. However, her bench is not very exciting and it’s dangerous starting Cobb because that offense is so volatile to everyone not named Jordy Nelson. Thielen also had a phenomenal game but the Saints defense is awful and I want to see more consistent production until I’m ready to claim him a draft steal.

Regardless of the rankings, the week one results are fairly skewed. Mike Evans, Jay Ajayi, and OBJ did not play and we do not know what Kumar’s team will look like without DJ. I’m sure this will move all over the place next week as more numbers come in.

Week 2 Predictions:

I’ll keep this short and sweet —

Tejas (2–0) vs Greg (1–1)

Dheeraj (1–1) vs Tynisa (0–2)

Kumar (1–1) vs Manas (1–1)

Levin (0–2) vs Anthony (1–1)

Match of the week

Rachana (1–1) vs Abhishek(2–0)

Thanks for reading guys! See you again for next week’s edition!