3rd and Masala | Week 7: Palpitation

Sorry I missed last week. School ends first week of December so everything is picking up. Tonight’s actually my only free night to write this post so hopefully I get it done in the next few hours. Anyway, there has been a lot happening in the last two weeks so hopefully I can get a solid post in.

Trade Recap:

So another big trade happened last night with Manas, once again, being the instigator. I think trading is one of the most fun parts of fantasy and most leagues I play in have maybe 1 trade all year because people are so apprehensive. So I’m glad Manas is always willing to trade!

Keep in mind! Trade Deadline is happening Nov 11th. A lot of teams are hitting must win scenarios, no more time to hold onto lotto tickets. Get your teams ready and make moves that you think will help them make the playoffs. FF is pretty much about making the playoffs. Once you’re there, it’s a complete crap shoot.

Anyway, here’s the trade:

Julio Jones (Manas) <-> DeAndre Hopkins (Tejas)

I stared at this trade for over four hours trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I hit accept 3–4 times and hit cancel when it asked me if I was sure about doing it. It was hard cause Hopkins was starting to grow on me as my 4th round steal of the draft.

Hopkins has been the 2nd best WR behind AB while Julio was underperforming. I banked on Watson coming back to earth with his harder schedule and Julio picking it up with an easier one. However, that Falcons offense is putrid and could only put up 7 points against the Patriots. In the end, this trade probably will be a wash but I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up heavily favoring either player.

Matchup of the Week: Tejas v.s. Rachana

To be honest, if I made a post last week I think my matchup against Levin would have been the matchup of the week there too. Three weeks in a row my matches have been really close, stressful and often decided at the last minute. This match was a doozy and definitely created some 3rd and Masala history. I remember it was two of my friend’s birthday weekends and we went out to a really good taco place for dinner. I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach during dinner but I figured it was just too much chips and salsa. I then look at my phone and the Whatsapp group is blowing up and I go look at my phone and see Cooper opened up the game with a 45 yard TD. By the time I get home I see that he has over 20 fantasy points by the end of the half. I had a bad feeling and thought I was going to end up losing. Luckily, the game was really good and it distracted me from the daunting task I had to handle come Sunday.

End of TNF: 0–44 Amari Cooper

I won’t break it down after each game like last week for the sake of brevity but I asked Abhishek if I could come back and he said absolutely not. For some reason, I had a lot of confidence and even said I would win in my predictions for this week. Praise be to Zeke because he was originally going to be suspended but last minute got his TRO so that he could play. Then comes out and drops a 40 burger himself. In fact, there were about 2–3 times where they were back in the goal line where I thought he would score again. He probably should have had 5 TDs this game but can’t get too greedy. On top of my team putting up the best score of the season, Rach’s RBs dropped the bed. Montgomery looks like he’s been benched in favor of Aaron Jones and Howard got a TD taken back. Poor showings from them and my entire team showing up ended up being the end for Rachana.

Winner: Tejas (5–2)

Dheeraj v.s. Manas

This was a really close matchup. Dak is really becoming the best fantasy QB in the league. He’s one of the highest scoring QBs AND his name is so good to make football puns with. He easily has the best name+score combo in the league. Dheeraj lucked out. He even vultured Zeke 😠. Aaron Jones broke it open and really gave an insane amount of hope into Dheeraj’s team. This is probably one of the waiver pickups of the season so far because not only did he look really good, but it looks like he has cleanly stolen Montgomery’s job.

Unfortunately for Dheeraj, Manas also got one of the waiver picks of this season with the Jags defense. It feels like they put up double digits so much. Manas’ team was just overall more consistent and Julio finally got his first TD of the year to put him up and gave Manas a must needed win.

Winner: Manas (2–4)

Kumar v.s. Levin

I’ll be honest, I didn’t really pay any attention to this matchup until the second half of the MNF game. Carson Wentz almost single-handidly brought Kumar up from the dead. If Kumar came back, this would have been 100% the game of the week. Wentz looked unreal and it didn’t even feel as if this was a hard performance to repeat. I think Wentz could put up mid-high 20 numbers for the rest of the season. Cooks has looked good and Kumar’s team is on the rise. Unfortunately this season has been pretty rough for the waivers and if AP does end up being a dud, it’ll be hard to save this season.

Levin looked solid but continues his tradition of picking the wrong QB to start. Honestly, just trade one of them away so you’ll never be wrong 😆. Gurley did work this week and he should be solid for the rest of the year. Honestly the biggest hit to this was losing Carson Palmer because Fitz will probably take a hit. In the same vein, Stanton could rely on Fitz to help him out and just pepper him with targets. Only time will tell here.

Wait, wrong sport

Abhishek v.s. Tynisa

I wanted to just skip this match. It actually looked like Abhishek was going to lose and he even admitted to losing. Hunt has not been as dominating as he was early in the year and Gordon is unpredictable with his two games under 6 points now. However, Abhishek lucked out again and Tynisa’s team dropped the ball hard. Brady was ok but Coleman and Hooper combined for 3.2 points and pretty much handed Abhishek the win. Overall it was a pretty uninteresting matchup.

Winner: Abhishek (7–0)

Anthony v.s. Greg

Fantasy football is a fickle mistress. Last post two weeks ago had OBJ hurt and done for the season. In the next two weeks, Palmer and A-Rodgers got hurt and will probably be out for the rest of the fantasy season. Palmer may play later but will anyone want to start him in the playoffs right off of injury?

Rodgers hit Greg hard but at least he has Winston and Marriota to help him out. Both are hurt but they should be pretty good the rest of the season. Anthony can recover in the QB department but unfortunately for him, losing Rodgers pretty much means Jordy will be so much riskier and probably a WR2. This match was just to see who made it out through the injuries and it looks like Anthony’s team barely hobbled past Greg.

Winner: Anthony (4–3)

Week 7 Power Rankings

Note: There may be some more drastic changes compared to normal because this is going to account for week 6 as well.

1). Tejas (+1)

No Hopkins, no problem. Obviously I don’t expect Zeke to drop 40 every week but the combo of Zeke and Bell are the best duo in fantasy right now. Even better than any combination of Shady, Hunt, and Gordon. I think Julio will be better than Hopkins for the ROS and 2nd half of the season Baldwin is beginning to show up again. I think I’ve recovered from the loss of Eifert with ASJ and Tyrod’s schedule is SO soft that he should be a solid QB for the ROS. Anything can happen week to week in Fantasy but I think my team is sitting really pretty.

2). Levin (-1)

I think the main reason I’m swapping my position with Levin’s is because I have Julio Jones now. Another reason would be that Gurley has shown some weakness against the stronger defenses. He’s still an incredible player and will probably still light it up for the rest of the year but there’s still some doubt. Or maybe those games were just flukes and he continues to put up 20 per game. Either way, he can afford Gurley to have an average game because his WRs are so good. He just needs to start guessing the right QB to start dominating more.

3). Abhishek (-)

Let us end the Andrew Luck saga once and for all. It looks like Luck was never really coming back this year. Whether it was for ticket sales or they he had set back we won’t know but it does not look like Luck is coming back. Luckily (pun intended) for Abhishek, Cousins has been a pretty good fantasy QB so he is ok on that front. He just needs some WRs that score more than 5 points a week and he would be really scary. Maybe you consider trading for one 😆

4). Manas (-)

I really debated putting Manas at 4 and Rachana at 5. I kept flipping them back and forth for only one real reason. Manas has a bad record (even though it’s only one game off from Rach’s). Unfortunately at this point in the season, ever single game matter. I think Manas has the better team than Rach but will being 1 game back be enough to keep him out of the playoffs? There is still some time but keep in mind, last season the 6th seed entered the playoffs with a 7–6 record. If that’s the case Manas can only really afford to lose one game for the rest of the season. Fournettualy (hehe) Manas has the 4th highest PF behind the three ranked above him. If he gets into any tiebreaker, he should win out and if he gets into the playoffs, he can be scary.

5). Rachana (+2)

Since the last post, Rachana has gone 1–1. She scored about 130 week 6 and almost 140 week 7. That team is looking pretty solid but Montgomery is probably gone and Chris Thompson still feels very volatile to me. Her team has been doing pretty well and at 3–4, she’s currently in 6th place which is all you need to be in the standings. However, if these past few weeks end up being just a fluke she may not be able to make it. All the teams are close in record so the next few weeks will be huge for all of them.

6). Anthony (-2)

The loss of Carson Palmer and Aaron Rodgers hurts his team pretty bad. However it’s not necessarily the end of the world. If Matt Ryan returns to form he should be good. I don’t really think it’s going to happen because, while Ryan is good, he’s not as good as he was last year. I think that insane offense of the superbowl year was a fluke year much like the Panthers offense from a few years ago. The real question will be how Jordy Nelson is with Hundley. I don’t think Hundley is bad exactly and Jordy is so good that he’ll probably be ok. With Jones in the running game maybe they can maintain drives and get Jordy some deep/redzone looks.

7). Kumar (+2)

Kumar’s team actually looks better than his record I’ll have to admit. In the last two weeks, Peterson got traded and Kumar picked him up. On top of that, Ingram has now opened up as the lead back with Kamara pretty much being a pass-catcher/change of pace back. CJ is still on or off so he’ll probably be the reason Kumar wins or loses games. On top of that Reed went off this week and I think his team may come into it’s own for a late season playoff run. Him and Manas have the same record so maybe these two will end up competing for the 5th or 6th spot.

8). Dheeraj (+2)

In two weeks Dheeraj has put up some solid performances and is sitting pretty at the 6th position. Even though he lost both weeks the emergence of Aaron Jones is looking to be one of the top waiver wire pick ups of the year. Gronk and Dak are also still going strong and if Murray can return, hopefully things work out for Dheeraj. Either way, the competition is becoming really thin outside of the top three or four so far so anything can happen.

9). Tynisa (-1)

Her team on paper looks really solid and she was able to pull out a win week 6. I do think that her team looks pretty solid on paper. It’s just super unpredictable. I wouldn’t be surprised if she drops 120 one week and 70 the next. But at 1–6, I think she will be too far behind to make it to the playoffs because the unpredictability of her team would make it unlikely for her to win out for the rest of the season.

10). Greg (-4)

Injuries hit this team way too hard. At 3–4 I don’t think he’s far enough ahead to overcome the loss of Aaron Rodgers and Dalvin Cook. On top of that, his top WR in Pryor seems to be a bust and even got benched last week. It’s unfortunate because his team was so promising a few weeks ago but the injuries are going to derail his chance of making it to the 3rd and Masala playoffs

Week 8 Predictions:

Manas (2–6) vs. Tejas (6–2)

Greg (3–5) vs. Kumar (3–5)

Tynisa (2–6) vs Anthony(4–4)

Dheeraj (3–5) vs. Abhishek (8–0)

Rachana (3–5) vs. Levin (6–2)

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Week 6 Prediction Score: (4–1)

Week 7 Prediction Score: (5–0) |Total Season Prediction Score: (20–10)

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Thanks for reading! Hopefully I won’t have to miss another week, it’s awkward writing for two weeks haha. Remember y’all the trade deadline is coming up so make your moves soon!!

Gif Game: 6/10 (I peaked at the very first one this week smh)