Mumnesia is Real!

I will start with a disclaimer here, I have never been blessed with a brilliant memory. I always had the penchant for remembering odd details and weird facts but would always forget the important things for the day like picking up the laundry or the errands I promised. I could possibly tell you when the constitution of Bangladesh was established (December 1972 and no I did not google it) or the capital of Libya but where I last placed my cellphone or exactly all the grocery items that I was supposed to get from the store is an impossibility for me to remember.

So you may at this point ask: What am I complaining about if I never had a great memory in the first place? Well I am complaining because I know what forgetfulness is so trust me when I say that Mumnesia is way worse. And no it is not a word I coined to explain why I didn’t still call up the sick relative or congratulate my friend on his promotion. If you do not believe me then please google.

“If moms didn’t have Mumnesia, they probably would never have another baby.”

According to several scientific studies conducted in the UK, Mumnesia is not an old wives tale but a medical fact. It’s been defined by several neuroscientists and psychiatrists as temporary lapses in memory caused by a combination of fatigue, hormonal changes and stress. Yes, the same drop in hormones that causes your hair to fall like rain also causes you to forget to take the washing load out of the machine or forget where you kept your glasses the 100th time in a day. But I wouldn’t blame the hormones alone. I used to be a firm believer of the ‘humans need 8 hours of sleep to function’ theory not so long ago. Now I am super happy if I can manage 6 hours. This should make me very happy because it is right in par with the industry average because studies say that new moms are supposed to lose an average of 700 hours of sleep in the first year. So forgive me if my birthday greetings come a bit late in the next few months.

Mumnesia means that the first few days of becoming Irha’s Mom is now a very hazy blur. Which is a good thing I suppose because I am now told that I was an emotional train wreck. But it wasn’t the usual forgetting names or locations or crucial grocery items that alarmed me. What alarmed me was that I could have serious conversations appearing to be in full attention (not my usual dazed self) but forget them moments later. I would dial someone and then forget to put the phone to my ear. I would go running to get something and then forget what it was. Sounds a bit crazy now that I write about it.

Now how am I dealing with this? Well there hasn’t been one day in which I have not forgotten to do something yet but its much better now then 3 months ago. Here are my little tips and tricks:

  1. Lists — make multiple lists because you will forget where you kept the first one.
  2. Apps- Use those free apps that give you timely reminders but you would probably forget punch everything in.
  3. Help- Ask someone to remind you but they might forget too without having mumnesia

So here is the thing: Like many things related to being a mom or being pregnant, I have accepted that there is no sure shot way that may work for me, so I am embracing it as a miracle of nature because as my ob-gyn said, if moms didn’t have Mumnesia they probably would never have another baby.