Tekno Products Premiers National Television Advertising Campaign for Garden Genie Gloves

Gardeners claw at opportunity to get a head start on gardening after viewing national broadcast campaign for new efficient gloves that can dig and plant without use of hand tools.

Tekno Products released a new television broadcast advertising campaign to highlight their new gardening product launch, Garden Genie Gloves. The new campaign showcases that the durable and puncture resistant gardening gloves can be used to protect gardeners’ hands, while simultaneously allowing them to dig and plant without the use of tools. The high density plastic claws help with digging, spreading, and grading soil and raking up leaves, making gardening more efficient. Shoppers who view the TV ad can take advantage of the special offer of 2 sets of Garden Genie Gloves for $10.00, plus shipping and handling.

To view the new television ad and purchase the Garden Genie Gloves, please visit http://www.buygardengenie.com.

About Tekno Products

Tekno Products manufactures and distributes hundreds of popular high quality products such as Pillow Pets, Draw Jammies and Quick Taco. Tekno Products has secured more than 90 active SKUs at major retailers in the United States and abroad in the household, hardware, tools, sporting goods, and health/beauty care categories.


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