A Game changer for Retail Industry: Eddystone Beacon Technology

BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) beacon is the buzzword for next generation especially for the retail industry and also for mass management locations. Businesses are seeking out beacon supported app development to leverage advanced application possibilities in marketing and provide the user best experience of their businesses.

To stay updated with these trends, many software companies have jumped on the bandwagon of BLE and continued tech supports by rolling out new sets of features and related services. For example, recently GOTEKT launched a new open frame format for BLE beacons which can manage the beacons fleet comfortably. It can be used in the retail shop which can push out trending deals to devices within its range.

Eddystone is a broad and robust platform to leverage multiple types of frames in different version and use cases for new functionality.

• To describe BLE message format particularly for proximity Beacon message exchanges, it has protocol specification.

• It gives a semantic and exact location that is connected with latitude/longitude divisions. So it is perfect for the retail business market because such market is highly dependent on mobile applications based location where GPS may not work appropriately.

• Eddystone can improve privacy and security using Ephemeral Identifiers(EIDs)

• In present market, it is affordable and cost effective alternative because Eddystone is open source and available on GitHub

• Eddystone is compliant with Bluetooth Core Specification to evade any abrasion.

• It also supports execution on an extensive range of BLE devices.

• Eddystone works well with Bluetooth developer API

Eddystone use in-store navigation and support real-world analytics such as:

  • The spaces and things a customer likes to search
  • What and when they make a purchase?
  • Where a customer spent most of their time?
  • Most in-store rushed places
  • In-store deserted locations
  • Busiest days of the store
  • Per day number of people who walk into their shop.
  • Number of people who walk into their store per day.

Apart from retail industry Eddystone beacon technology is gradually spreading in several others industries such Airline, Hotels, B2B arena, Football Leagues and more. It helps businesses to attract more consumers and under the requirements of their potential consumers. It is targeted and cost effective methods that only promotes your sales but also generated higher revenues.

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