Dance of A Single Red Rose

So what say you to a dance of budding petals of a rose?

A dance of slow paced kisses; drawn out in a ballad to make your soul cry

And to red cherries dipped in wine placed on lips and paintings of time

And to an arrangement of daises and tulips: placed with affection around your breasts

Full and taut with pride and charm: that they may illuminate my night with grace

And what say you to a soft falling of petals

Yours and mine

In a tango of desire and waltz of curios wonder

My lips exploring the moist desert of your skin

My skin discovering your distinctive topography

In a measurement of obtuse projections and acute fixations

Submersion into creeks as secret as Aphrodite’s kiss

And we shall blossom in an entanglement of fingers,

Yours and mine

Your legs wrapped around mine, my lips on your smile, my breath on your sigh, our voices entangled, our souls wrenched together as our bodies expire in a crushing orgasm

Brewed from vagary touches and purposeful motions

What say you o fair one?

Mother of lost innocence

Diamond between a dragons jaws

If I gave up my sword and laid down my heart

Will you take me, crush me and destroy me?

In your flow you sway like whispering fire?

That I may be conceived in your heart and be reborn in your womb

Be it as it may

That roses are red and ubiquitous in my loving heart

Their blood red-fill the sweetness of my passions brewed

And my every heart beat orchestrated into a crooning symphony

Till my every gesture becomes an affirmation of romance

And my kisses, an unrelenting slow hurricane

Crushing every fear you flicker in a capricious tide

Crushing every forbidding that architects your enslaving fortress

And my eyes; a conflagration of untamed desire

Drowning you in my embalming heat

Till you’re ignited:

Your eyes conductive:

My soul ignited

And we are both consumed

In a glorious confetti of blazing red petals

Yours and mine;

Encircling, enfolding

Amalgating then blossoming

Into a single red rose

I the petals and you the nectar

So my dear:

Would you like to dance?

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