Four Forevers To Your Exile

Forever began the day I fell into your smile.

That was the first forever

the sweet repetition of petals upon petals

Your mind was a gazelle and my mind was a leopard.

Our chase was a dance here and there

Cobwebs are all that are left of you

Of the lines that defined your lips

And the cryptic smile they were set in

That blossomed your dimples whenever your lamps were lit

Cobwebs are all that are left of you

Of The upturned tip of your nose that greeted all my kisses

always was a challenge to the bridge that held your eyes:

And your eyes

were always a mystery to me:

A shadow to the conundrum that was your gait.

they shamed Egyptian queens,

and spoke of unknown civilisations;

In a language so secret

Even love could never decipher.

But cobwebs all that’s left you now

And of the sweet pain, and of the tears and of the sun

I remember you made me a man

After you first made me a child

But I was never man enough

Not even half as much as I was a child

Forever began after our first kiss

When I kissed your tears after your heart bled

Then your lips found mine for strength

But I was no knight

I never could enter the dungeon of your being

I never could slay your dragons that held your heart and soul

The dragons that later took you.

Forever into gravity

Lost in space and time

Cobwebs are all that are left of you

And of all I felt for you

And of the pain you left behind

And it doesn’t matter how many blows I strike with my pen

Hoping these words will reveal our long lost summer

Hoping they would sketch out a memory of you.

I still can’t reach you.

I never could reach you,

not with my kisses; nor my mind, nor my soul, nor my little deaths.

And now, not with my words.

Exile was the tracks our train travelled upon

Me against the world

You against my world

Exile was the path you chose to my heart

Exile was the axis of all that burned in you

And the gravity that held me to you

In a revolution of hope, nothing other than hope

Exile was the frost on your lips every time we kissed

Exile was the crumbs that fell off of your fingers

Those times you fed me

Exile was the third forever

Forever began when all my fears came true

Forever ended the day you ceased to smile

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