On Sense and Sensuality: A Divine Perspective.

About the pleasures of this world, if we viewed them through a different perspective, a higher perspective if you will, we will come to realise that our pleasures are a reminder and foretaste of eternal pleasures from an eternal God.

Our emotive happiness, however short lived, is a foreshadow of the eternal joy that is spiritual because it can be drawn from a limitless external source that dwells deep within our bowels. This source is beyond the dimensions of time; an immeasurable joy from an ever flowing source that never runs dry.

Psalm 16: 11 “… in your presence there is fullness of joy, and at your right hand there are pleasures evermore”

Sexuality is a foretaste of a spiritual union with the Eternal God. It is no wonder that it is through sexual intercourse that we can procreate, if we stand on the premise of natural birth that is. Life is the consequence from the union of two, just as eternal life is the consequence from union with God through Jesus Christ.

The danger however, is that we can so easily get trapped in the fallacy that says our pleasures are all there is; that they are finite and are of the moment. The entrapment of the belief — sometimes rooted in atheism but in most cases nothing more than lukewarm ignorance — that says there is no ultimate meaning to our existence. The belief that demeans us and lowers us into being slaves to our passions, worshippers of our bodies and pilgrims of sensuality, ever seeking the next thrill and stretching it out till we exhaust our capacity to feel, till our senses are numbed and our minds made immune. Is it any surprise that our movies are becoming more and more detailed in their carnage, pornography and violence? We are losing our sensitivity! In our minds, we have spilled more blood than all the wars in history combined. We have devoured our eternity in feasts of entertainment and “feel-lology”, in festivals of motion pictures, crunching popcorn, dripping hot dogs and slurping sodas.

Our human attempts at wisdom, seemingly manifold but just truly a timeline of repetitive failures through grasping arms of philosophy, psychology, psychiatry, science and economics has done nothing more than provide logical excuses to the evil of our idolatry. Autocracy, the worship of self, the seduction of unaccountability. Our logic and sensibility have only created labels for our humanity, effectively shrouding our ignorance as they fail to grasp the richness of our humanity, the meaning of our glory which is found in Christ.

Colossians 1:27 “ … Christ in you, the hope of glory ”

What then can we say but that we face a real and irreversible danger of collapsing into ourselves when we take God out of the picture.

Without Him who is infinitely beautiful, the delicate beauty found within the complex construct of our sensuality will surely decay. And we will surely enfold, double over and collapse into ourselves; our very potential for greatness crumbling into a spiritual antimatter, an eternal wasteland, an infinite death.

Without Him, who knows all things and can do all things, the mountains of our logic will erupt like volcanoes and lose all substance, its collapse tragically violent, destroying all that we hold dear in waves after waves of conflict and strife as our worlds are darkened with finite counsel.

In marriage, I have come to understand that every touch, caress and kiss; every embrace and every smile provides an ever increasing insight into the tender love of an Eternal God. And every struggle, pain and heartache shows the struggle I have with an eternal God. How He must feel every time I ignore Him or reject Him although multiplied by infinitum. In marriage, my sense and sensuality have come together in a daily discovery of how He fills everything and more importantly, how He fills me.

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