Goals goals goals. Not the ones Heatley put in the back of the net in ’07; not the ones Ronaldo made his signature; DEFINITELY not the ones you hashtag on Instagram.

This is an article about hardcore, to the point professional/personal goals you can set to get from point A to point B and point B to point C.

Goals and ambitions are easily forgotten as you get caught up with life. Unexpected changes can leave you searching to get your feet balanced again. Your 20s especially are a time filled with many firsts, many breakthroughs, and many obstacles easily pushing goals to the back of your mind.

I cannot speak for 30 year olds, but its around that time when people start making huge changes. Its when the “what am I doing” feeling rears its ugly head for the first time since fourth year university. “Is my career on the right path?” “Is my life what I envisioned?” “Will Danny Heatley ever make it back to the NHL?”

Right now, fresh out of school, is the perfect time for you to take the bull by its horns and write down your goals. If you don’t at least try to set small goals, you will wake up one day, staring at the same ceiling fan, wondering “why.”

Don’t be that person.

Goals keep you focused, motivated and, quite frankly, are fun to make. From small goals such as “wear pants tomorrow” to large goals like “a million by 28,” goals are powerful tools for keeping you locked in.

Lock in like Archibald told you in first year and keep your goals SMART. Going to space is a goal. Going to space by 2030, is a SMART goal. There are many different definitions of SMART, but for the purpose of this article, assume the following:

Specific; Measurable; Achievable; Reasonable; Timely.

As you set your goals, follow these 5 criteria and they will become easier to follow.

For example; my friend loves cars and would like to have an Audi R8. He would preferably like that R8 by 25. To get this R8 he works backwards.

First: He must be able to afford that Audi. To afford the Audi, he needs a job with a decent Salary or multiple streams on income.

Second: He must work towards the qualifications required for attaining that decent salaried job.

Third: He must use his current qualifications to attain a job that will provide him with the necessary skills to move onto the next step.

Just like that, his original goal (The Audi R) has broken down into four additional goals, all tied to one another.

Breaking down smaller goals makes the largest goal feel more realistic. Each accomplishment is a step towards the final goal, and with each progressive step taken, the end doesn’t seem so far away.

Some of my goals right now are Telsa by 25, Millionaire by 30, and South America in 2018. I understand the steps I will need to take to reach each of these thresholds and am diligently working towards them.

Now, I implore you to go, grab a notebook, and write down 10 things you would like to accomplish. 5 things you think you could achieve in a year and 5 things that will take a little more time and effort.

Written by Daryo Cummins, Telfer School of Management, BComm 2016

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