Our method of idea selection

After we came out with the core concept of tellyouridea.com, one of the first things that we had to carefully think about was how will we choose between the ideas we receive? What makes an idea better or more likely to invest in, therefore let the others go? After a long and careful way of thinking over this, our whole reviewing process and our rewarding system for approved ideas started to take shape. Believe us when we tell you, it wasn’t an easy struggle.

So what are the aspects that we analyze during this review process?

Besides helping great ideas come true, first of all we focus if the idea is solving a real problem. Or if the idea could make the everyday life of people easier. Or actually, if something is really entertaining (that is quite similar like solving a real problem, isn’t it?) can also totally get our attention.

As a next step, we have to analyze if the idea is actually capable of realization. Some of the ideas we receive are far beyond rational limits.

If the idea does match our directive mentioned above, then last but not least, we have to find and build the right business model and a feasible solution for the idea.

Sometimes we receive delightful concepts that we can’t implement because of some reasons, or actually it’s not really a new concept but an alternate form and/or spin-off of an already existing product. These ideas we have to let go with a heavy heart.

After all, what happens when we’re done with all investigation about an idea, moreover it has passed all stages of our analysis?

At this point our real work begins and we start to implement the idea, plus of course we reward the uploader of the idea just as he/she has chosen.

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