What kind of ideas are we looking for?

One of the most common questions we were asked is that.

The short answer is: we are mostly interested in ideas concerning the field of Information Technology, such as online software and services, games, cloud computing, big data, etc. But we think it would be easier to get the idea if we write more about it.

In this article we try to help you with a long description about that topic. We have nine main categories to collect ideas.
 These are the following:

Finance & Business: this category contains ideas which are connected to make business life more efficient. For example improve time management, employer communications, co-working platforms.

Technology ideas are more than welcome. For example we are waiting for ideas in the field of robot technology, intelligent systems, automation, etc.

Education: we are interested in developing education-related ideas. It can mean a language studying application, apps for teachers or new platforms which help people learn new skills.

Photo & Music: We like entertaining and we know it’s an important part of our life. So if you have any ideas to sharing, managing and making photos or music easier, feel free to share with us.

Social & Dating: It can mean anything connected to connect people. For example: sometimes it’s difficult to get to know new people in real life, so we are open to solutions that help in it. Besides we are also waiting ideas ease the communication with our friends, family, colleagues in a new way.

Health & Food: All of the ideas are welcome which are connected to support health and nutrition. For example ideas related to sport, cooking, health.

Games: This category speaks for itself. Every great idea is welcome in this category which has new approaches of playing games (new storyline, new gameplay, new technology, etc.)

Travel: We think this category contains two major parts. One is about urban transportation & city life and the other part is about travel in foreign countries.

Fashion & Design: To understand this category let’s see some examples. Idea about a designing tool or something that makes showing clothes more realistic online or a platform that promotes unique designs clothes.

Others: Before you think that you can’t share your idea with us because it doesn’t fit into any of the above categories we must state: absolutely not. We know that things sometimes can’t be forced into pre-set categories, so this is just a little help for you but all of your brilliant ideas are welcome.

And of course the categories do overlap, for example an app which is for business travelers also fits into the travel category and also to the business & finance.

If you’d like to tell us your idea, you can do so by following this link: I have an idea

If you would like to know more about the steps of the idea submitting please check it out: How to sell us your idea

To sum it up it doesn’t matter whether your idea fits any of the exciting categories or not, you’ll always have a chance to sell your idea to us.

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