Bernie Sanders Was On The 2016 Ballot — And He Underperformed Hillary Clinton
Marcus H. Johnson

Here’s the Super Delegate Resolution passed at the Colorado State Democratic Convention and later passed at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia


We the Democratic Party of Colorado believe that the selection of delegates to the Democratic National Convention should be representative of the votes cast for Presidential candidates in Democratic Party caucuses and primary elections, consistent with each state’s Affirmative Action Plan and principles of inclusivity and diversity.

We do not believe that the current Super-Delegate system of delegate selection is reflective of these principles or the ideals of the Democratic Party.

It is therefore RESOLVED THAT the Democratic Party of Colorado hereby requests and urges the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to review and change the Presidential delegate selection process for future elections in a manner consistent with this resolution and our determination that the current Super-Delegate system does not achieve our principles and ideals.

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