Bernie Sanders Was On The 2016 Ballot — And He Underperformed Hillary Clinton
Marcus H. Johnson

In Colorado, Bernie won 70% of the votes at the Colorado Democratic State Convention, but it did not matter much because Hilary had almost all of the Colorado Super Delegates already pledged to her by a strange system that we now know was manipulated by the Clinton camp and led by Debbie Wasserman. So, even though Bernie won at the Colorado State Democratic Convention he actually lost due to the Super Delegate scam.

The real Super Delegate story is that it was created on the floor of the 1972 Democratic National Convention when George McGovern was running for President during the Viet Nam War pledging to end the war. McGoverns campaign manager was Gary Hart and “Super Delegate” was just a designation accompanied with a button which they gave to delegates that pledged to vote for McGovern. Somehow is morphed over the years into a prize awarded to Democratic Party insiders and special money interests which had enough super delegate votes to make it almost impossible for anyone but the “Democratic Party insiders” candidate to win the nomination.

The Super Delegate rules were changed at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, but not entirely done away with. Former Denver Mayor Wellington Webb presented the Super Delegate Resolution which had been nearly unanimously passed at the Colorado State Democratic Convention. It was presented late one night in Philadelphia when not everyone was watching so as not to draw much attention and potentially hurt Hilary’s chances in the General Election and passed with no real opposition.

The strategy was to change the rules to make it more fair but not to draw national attention to the fact that the Democratic National primary had already been rigged to favor the candidate with the most Super Delegates which all belonged to Democratic Party insider and big money supporters.

We will never know whether candidates like Malcolm O’Malley would have been the Democratic Presidential candidate or whether Bernie might have won the General Election if he had been the Democratic Party Candidate, but we do know that the vast majority of Democratic delegates at the National Democratic Convention in Philadelphia were in favor of changing the rules to level the playing field to make the process more fair and transparent.

I do have some insider understanding of how all of this transpired as I was the person that wrote the Super Delegate Resolution that I presented at the Colorado State Democratic Convention where it was first adopted with the understanding that the Colorado Delegation would carry it to the national convention for consideration and adoption.

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