Telos Wallet Guide

1.Voting for Block producers

Click the action button to reveal the action Menu, then select Vote for Bps, click on the list and select at least 21 Block producers up to a maximum of 30.

2.Lending to REX

Open up the action Menu again, select the REX icon, this will open up your REX portfolio, enter the amount you want to buy using your TLOS tokens, click on the evaluate button and confirm the action.


Michael Bohen, CTO of EOSUSA


The past 21st of January the TelosTuesdays event was more technical and got into some details regarding the TRIM Plan, the EOS exploit and running history nodes. …


It is a team in Nigeria, which has one main goal: To empower West Africa with Telos4Africa initiatives and make sure that there are more blockchain architects. They want to cultivate and expand the blockchain knowledge through western Africans, and lead them to the Telos Network.

The Telos Community…


Andreina Chirinos PR manager at Telos Feed


Third #TelosTuesday live AMA!

Andreina Chirinos PR manager at Telos Feed was the host of the third AMA. She and the Telos Feed Team have been working for over 9 months with Telos Network, their goal is to build an engaged online community across different platforms, creating digital footprints…

Telos Feed

We saw the future and it looks nuts. / Spanish account:

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