A Book For Everyday of Living

One of the few things I look forward to when buying a new product is reading the product manual. I know it's weird to some people and sometimes I don't know why I do it but I most times don't face the usual issues others face when they start the use of the product without the reading manual first.

There are a few exceptions in which reading the manual is not useful at all to me especially when I have previously used a similar product. I just go ahead with the knowledge I have acquired from the experience of using the similar products. I also know that many people rely on my to help them solve some issues they face with their own product and this makes me also explore all aspect of whatever product I get to own, so someone doesn’t end up saying “I thought you had the product too”.

I see the significance of this in my everyday life outside my mobile devices and the machines that I use on a daily basis. As much as people rely on me for some sort of help in the operation of their own equipment or products, I see my own need for help from others who have “experience” in life.

I know there are books that are guides that can help humans to live in an acceptable manner, however, I do not know of a definite manual (similar to which accompanies products) that is specifically tailored to our individuality.

I however believe that from the experience of others, we are able to learn valuable wisdom that we can use in navigating our desired paths. There are people whose lives, written in books or not, are great points of instruction for us to use to move in the right direction.

It is good to read books and if it is possible to read a book each day, that would be great. However I believe fetching experience from the lives of others on a daily basis is very important and to me, this is the book for everyday of living that I would always read.