Money and Happiness

Credit: Vitality @Gooner via Unsplash

I have often heard about the phrase that money doesn't bring happiness and I sit back and think if this is really true at all. I know that most happy people might say this is true but does having no money at all bring happiness?

The way the human society is currently shaped, most essential needs for survival are gotten with money, most needs are met with money, most breakthrough research and significant materials are produced with money. This begs the question in my mind then; if money truly doesn't bring happiness.

I have been in a situation at some point in my life where I had all I needed (not all I want)and I know I would say I was happy at those times. However at another time, due to lack of money I was unable to afford my basic needs and this made me so unhappy.

That money does not give happiness is understandable to me; at least the most common examples I get is that very rich people commit suicide. However I still do not believe the statement is entirely true because we have different priorities in life and regardless of who we are, having no money to meet basic needs would not bring happiness.

I know I have this question puzzling me and the closest thing to closure is my conviction that the statement is not absolute. I know that many things that give a form of happiness in life requires money in one form or the other and I wander how happy people would be if they have no money to fulfil dreams and aspirations.

I like to envisage a person’s life as a plain canvas and the happiness the individual craves as the paint on the canvas. I believe to get the paint on to the canvas requires a journey through destinations and one of the vehicles to journey with is money. Do I believe people can still get to each destination without money? Yes I do, but if the only vehicle available to knowledge is money, happiness would be an aspiration for such persons.

I would end by stating my opinion which is that money can give people happiness. Money can buy happiness especially for those who need who have no money to meet life’s basic needs for survival. Money can buy happiness especially for those who have lost things of value that money can replace. Money although not always the way out of unhappiness, it is capable of giving happiness to whoever has none of it to solve a problem tied to money.

So I see the statement differently and I might as well restate it as having too much money doesn't guarantee happiness.