Poverty doesn’t consider the Environment

This is Prof. K. Schoeneich, an Environmentalist an Hydrogeologist at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.
He is agitating the practice of cutting trees within the ABU community here and even though he states in the video that he is the Chairman of the VC’s committee on environmental protection the people involved in cutting down the trees including the security man seem not to be bothered at all.

In my opinion the have no understanding of what he is agitating for and to them cutting down one tree or parts of it is not worth anyone’s agitation.
I know the university community is quite green especially when you consider the state of other communities around the university but I believe a conscious effort still needs to be put in to maintain a community with low level of negative environmental impact and in my opinion this is the point of agitation of Prof. Schoeneich.

Generally speaking I don’t see the general populace abiding to sustain the environment or even protect it from negative impacts from Anthropogenic actions especially in Northern Nigeria. I would not say they are totally at fault for this because I remember the words of another Professor who taught me.

According to him, a person living in poverty and has no access to fuel for cooking the meager meal they can afford cannot be concerned about environmental protection or the impact of his or her actions on the environment in the long run; they are more concerned with surviving right now.

So cutting a tree down to such a person even if they have all the knowledge about environmental protection is a decision they have to make in order to survive the next day.

To such people, trees can be regrown (which is actually true and very logical), the environment can be remediated but if they do not harm the environment at the moment for their survival, they are left to no existence at the cost of protecting an environment they will not be a part of eventually.