Should I kill the Introvert in Me???

I know that I love to have time to myself, leave everyone on the outside and have fun enjoying my existence without others in the picture even for a moment.

I know if I get to think about challenges I face to no end, all I need to do is leave everyone else on the outside and find time to be by myself and in most cases, I find it more refreshing.

I love to work with teams regardless of individual qualities but I sometimes work best in groups where everyone has a sense of individuality and each person is a self starter.

I hold my opinions dear to me and i don’t just dish it out to anyone. I usually would express it when the need arises but it's not my culture to always express my opinion.

I call people who are dear to me always but I have noticed it's usually never as much as they call me.

These are things I noticed about myself and I usually don’t like my own introversion sometimes. I sometimes think about going all-out and changing what makes me comfortable.

I look to be more extrovert than I am introvert and it leads me to fear losing myself. I fear that I might choke out my “introvert self” sometimes but should I change or be who I more comfortable with being?

Should I face each new task ahead with the part of me that makes me uncomfortable?