The Flag without the stars; Yet!

Flag without stars; Temidayo Johnson

One of the most iconic and recognizable flags in the world is the flag of the United States of America and I really like the flag even though am a Nigerian.

One striking part of the flag to me is the stars; on the blue part. According to the information I found, the U.S flag started with 13 stars (raised as a symbol of their independence from Britain) and additional stars have been added 27 times between 1777 and 1960.

Many times, I see the days of our lives in this same vein. We most of the time start as the flag without stars on it at all. We might look at other people and wonder “when will my “flag” be filled with stars?’

I believe everyday of our lives, we just need to make progress in our endeavors; each progress we make might not come with a star but with progress consistently being made, we add stars to our “flag” gradually.

In time our flag that looks like just any other stripped material with a blue patch (which we might see as void) would be filled with stars showing the progress that we have made along the way.