Dixit World — Teaser Trailer

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We announced the closed beta date for Dixit World last week with a teaser for the game. Now, it’s time to explain how everything is going work and what you can expect from this beta. Here are all the answers.

How can I enter the beta?

Easy. Just register on the Dixit World website. You will need a fully functioning iOS or Android device (compatible with Google Play). The game is free to play so you won’t have to pay to enjoy the game. …

Our new logo

🇫🇷 Traduction francaise en bas de la page.

What is Tempete Studio?

Tempete Studio is an independent game development studio. It is composed of 6 dedicated developers (3 women and 3 men) and aims to promote a “creative positivity” culture. Our ambition is to produce unique and innovative games. Dixit World, our first upcoming project, is based on the board game, Dixit, which sold over 6 million units worldwide.

Why not keep the name Libellud?

For many years, the proximity between Libellud and Libellud Digital was confusing for a lot of people. We thought it necessary to clarify this before launching our first project.

What’s going on with Dixit World?

If you already know us, your…

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