“I’m sorry….”

Really? Is that all you’ve got to say-

I listen to people every day, and find the most common thread is “I’m sorry.” Most people do not think about these two little words. These two small words actually carry a great deal of meaning. If you take just a moment to stop and think about the truth of the statement and meaning of the message. The word sorry when viewed in the dictionary means: wretched, useless, or pitiful. Now, pair that up with the phrase I am or it’s contraction I’m. You realize the gravity of the situation. Everywhere I turn in our society, I hear this phrase repeated over and over. It’s echoed in adults and children alike. Like some kind of epidemic bug, that just won’t go away. I, feel that I have value and thus, I refuse to use to these three words or the contraction of I’m. I have forbidden my children to cast these negative words around our home. Everyone has real and true value to bring to the world. Instead of, ‘I’m sorry’ which is an excuse for a mistake or misstep. Don’t you think it is time to replace those old tired words with value statements like, ‘pardon me’, ‘excuse me’, or even ‘forgive me’ for my transgressions. If your transgressions are grievous enough to be almost unforgivable then, whip out an apology. Please take your sloppy sorry’s and toss them out the window. Because you know it is true, you have value. Why do you negate your value with words that cast a shadow of doubt on your value. The next time you’re in line and bump into a stranger, or do something unintended by accident; instead of relying on the good ole’ sloppy sorry reach deep inside yourself and find your value self. Say instead, “Pardon me (or excuse me or even forgive me), for having caused you some distress with my inconsiderateness”.