Labour MP’s Who Abstained on Welfare & Stopping Saudi War Crimes

Rick B
Rick B
Oct 28, 2016 · 2 min read

These are the Labour MP’s who Abstained on voting against the Tory welfare Bill AND Abstained on voting for the Labour party’s motion to withdraw UK support from Saudi Arabia’s war on Yemen. Now some of them will be paired (and some will lie about being paired) but I would suggest this list is a good starting point for which Labour MP’s should be deselected. All those on it should be asked if they were paired, if not they should definitely be on the deselection list of MP’s who are frankly not worth anyone’s support (unless you like killing disabled people, backing ISIS funder Saudi Arabia and bombing children). [thx to excel wizardry from Elspeth Parris]

Adrian Bailey
Andy Burnham
Angela Eagle
Angela Smith
Ann Coffey
Anna Turley
Barry Sheerman
Ben Bradshaw
Bridget Phillipson
Caroline Flint
Catherine McKinnell
Chris Bryant
Chris Evans
Chris Leslie
Conor McGinn
Dan Jarvis
David Crausby
Diana Johnson
Fiona MacTaggart
Frank Field
Gareth Thomas
Gavin Shuker
Geoffrey Robinson
George Howarth
Gisela Stuart
Gloria De Piero
Graham Allen
Graham Jones
Heidi Alexander
Ian Austin
Ian Murray
Ivan Lewis
Jamie Reed
Jim Fitzpatrick
Joan Ryan
John Mann
John Spellar
John Woodcock
Judith Cummins
Julie Elliott
Kate Hoey
Keith Vaz
Kevan Jones
Kevin Barron
Liz Kendall
Luciana Berger
Lucy Powell
Margaret Beckett
Margaret Hodge
Maria Eagle
Mark Hendrick
Mary Creagh
Meg Hillier
Melanie Onn
Michael Dugher
Mike Gapes
Natascha Engel
Neil Coyle
Nia Griffith
Pat McFadden
Peter Kyle
Phil Wilson
Rachel Reeves
Rob Flello
Roberta Blackman-Woods
Rosie Cooper
Rushanara Ali
Ruth Smeeth
Shabana Mahmood
Siobhain McDonagh
Stephen Kinnock
Toby Perkins
Tom Blenkinsop
Tom Watson
Tristram Hunt
Vernon Coaker
Wayne David
Wes Streeting
Yasmin Qureshi
Yvonne Fovargue

PS. Éoin‏@LabourEoin tweeted this: 36 Tory MPs did not vote last night on Saudi Arabia/Yemen. It means a maximum 36 Labour MPs were paired. This means 65+ Labour MPs abstained [LINK To Tweet]

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