Why you Shouldn’t Trust Polly Toynbee

In 2001 Barbara Ehrenreich wrote Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America exposing the brutal reality of Clinton’s neoliberal ‘welfare reform’ in the US by working undercover in a series of low paying casual jobs (you can watch her in the little seen ‘dramatic-documentary-musical’ The American Ruling Class by the former editor of Harper’s Lewis Lapham). In the UK Polly Toynbee ‘emulated’ this idea two years later in 2003 with Hard Work: Life in Low-pay Britain and perversely used it to push New Labour’s welfare reform based on the Clinton programme. This was not a surprise, after all she wrote in 1997 The Tories were right: workfare really works seeking to praise the Blair leadership into adopting Clintonite workfare (which they duly did as well as hiring US insurance corporation UNUM ‘experts’ and corrupt banker David Freud to reform welfare and intoduce the abusive and democidal WCA). As this new pardigm of state sponsored disbalist abuse rolled out in the UK Toynbee shared a stage with Fabians & IDS and found ‘common ground’.

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