Get people out of public housing.

The idea that this can be done, even for able-bodied people, without addressing wages that don’t keep up with inflation and a housing market where the cost of homes keeps growing, is frankly absurd. If those aren’t dealt with, getting people out of public housing will mean putting them on the street.

These are people without job and income security as it is. You can’t pull yourself up by your bootstraps if you can’t afford boots. Which is more likely if they get rid of a federal mandated living wage. How this is supposed to be good for the economy is fucking mystifying.

(Note: if you save and buy good boots that will last for a couple years instead of Walmart crap, you’re not poor enough, because you have boots.)

And let’s talk about disability. Many of us are physically and mentally unable to work a traditional 9–5 job. Those that can are facing a rollback on regulations that state employers can’t discriminate against them because of disability and that accessibility standards be met. I really cannot FATHOM what the thought process behind that is.

My disability income, monthly is enough to cover rent (no utilities) and a healthcare premium for my preexisting condition. Almost exactly. Leaving less than $30.00 for food, water, electricity, gas, phone access. Not $30.00 each. Total.

This is my incoherent rant for the day.