Tips For Tenants: What To Do If The Property Faces Water Damage

As a tenant, you have the responsibility to keep the house or unit you are occupying. You should not alter anything on the property without permission from the owner. You should keep minor problems immediately fixed after detecting them. Some of the problems that you can encounter includes leak and water damage. When there are natural calamities like major flooding, you can expect that your unit will suffer from water damage. The dilemma now is how to address the situation.
To help you out, below are some helpful tips you can consider when facing problems like water damage:
Document Everything

Before you do the cleaning, which is an immediate reaction when there are flood water and dirt inside the house, it will be very helpful to document everything. You need to take photos of the parts of the house that got flooded and suffered from leaks and cracks. It is also better to take videos of them with you explaining what happened and how the situation looks like. In this way, you can have a proof to show to the owner of the unit or house you are renting. This will also become very helpful if the owner has bought an insurance policy.
Remove the Flood Water
After the documentation, you need to clean the property the soonest time possible. This is to prevent the water from causing more damage and from making the unit too soaked in water. You have to remove the water from the floor and other parts of the unit that have pools of water. You should also inspect cracks on the floor and walls closely. This is to determine whether water has sipped in and if services from a restoration company is needed. But whatever the case is, it is far better to seek the services of a restoration company after a major flooding or storm has occurred. This is to make sure that the house is 100% completely cleaned. The company will also do successful repairs and restoration of damages like minor cracks on concretes and woods.
Report the Situation to the Owner

If you have already done the cleaning or have sought the services of a restoration company, you also have to call the owner of the house you are renting so you and the owner can make or clear agreements. But if you haven’t do the cleaning and repairs yet, you also need to call the owner. It may actually prove to be more practical to call the owner before doing anything. This is because the owner may have bought an insurance policy for water damage. In this way, the restoration company can charge the payment for their services to the insurance company through the water damage claim of the owner for example.
These are helpful tips that can become more effective if you talk with the owner before you occupy the house. This is to clarify rules and make sound agreements when it comes to future situations like the house suffering from a water damage.