Big Breast Na My Portion

Right from when I small I know say big breast na my portion.

Nor be say my mama or anybody for my family get big breast o, but I just know say na me go first start am.

So for primary school, if I like boy, I go tell am say mehn, he better love me now wey my breast never start to come out because once e show like this, bigger boys go block him road.

One day for church, after I don dey wait for my breast to rise up through out the full entire 10 years wey I take dey this world, e just come be like say na me Pastor dey talk to.

E say mehn heaven hep people wey dey hep their self. E wipe face. E hold mic again, e say your destiny nor go fit ever dey delayed, look your destiny for e eye, tell am, destiny, show!

As I reach house nai I go meet Mama Iwinosa last born, Osaruese, tell her say that thing wey she do Etinosa wey her breast take just blow come out like that number 7 blow blow wey dem dey sell 10 naira, me sef don ready to do am too.

Who send me?

Two of us come go their backyard. I first pull cloth, then she go pluck ripe ako from tree throw inside her mouth. As she chew small nai she spit the thing for my chest.

My sense nor still tell me say make I move.

Before I say JackRobinson, Osaruese don pack all the flesh wey gum join my chest inside her mouth. Nai she bite am.

For my full entire life nothing don ever pain me reach that thing. As I see say her mouth wan dive my second chest nai I carry my hand join her face.

Na that day we stop to play. Her mama lap!

If God say na small breast I go get, who born me to say no? Make Pastor nor vex. I don try grab destiny destiny nor gree grab so I go leave am. People portion for life dey change.