Meal Interrupted

Ayobami Ogungbe 2016

Today, Papa Biwom must come my room.

By the time him chop this soup and finish, my body go dey shine for him eye. Ehen, make I even add that fish wey I buy from last market sef.

Getting to the room, Josephina meets the last of her four daughters eating the destined fish.

“Akeye if dem send you come tell them say i nor dey house! Na me and you today o because i nor kill my mama you and your sisters nor go fit to kill me."

Looking up she laments, "God, you give me so so girls that one nor do, you come still make sure say dem nor get sense. I offend angel for heaven?"

She proceeds to beat Akeye while the soup on the fire burns, dashing all hopes of a son being sired tonight.

My friend Bami and I are documenting life in Utugwang, a small village in Obudu, Cross River.

Bami is a photographer currently sacrificing one year of his life to the failed experiment that is the National Youth Service Corps.

Me, I’m just a busy body who got bored and went to meet her friend in a village with electric poles but no electricity.

I’ll share a photo/story every day until I’m bored.

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