Na We Dey See Vision!

Me and Jesus go the same JAMB lecture. I go fit break any chain. Whether na dog chain, spiritual bondange, hand chain, as far as say na chain I go break am.

Remember when God talk for one place for bible say waka come meet me if you know say you get problem, so far you nor waka come with empty hand, your problem go solve?

Ehen, nai make me dey call you so. Wetin dey bother you for mind? Your hozzban dey sleep with una gate man? Business nor dey move? Your pikin nor dey go message?

Clean your eye make you blow your catarrh. I say clean your eye make you blow your catarrh because right now right now, solution don show!

The first time when God call me, my battery off before I pick am. The second time, na conference call. Based on who I be Bros J join Papa G annoint me. That is to say, my power na double wahala for dead body!

Carry your problem go any UBA branch wey near you. As you dey plant that seed of not less than 10k, drop your name, your number plus your problem for inside the teller. As I dey receive my alert, na so you dey receive your miracle!

Amen? Amen.

P.S : If any of the above reminds you of your pastor, you may want to switch churches. Or religion.

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