What Beauty Means To Me

I am tall, model-slim and have a really pretty face to look at…

This isn’t necessarily how I view myself, but it’s how I’ve been described by friends for such a long time that I may very well believe it.

But how do I really “see” myself? Do I consider myself beautiful or do I think that I’m just another plain Jane who would look hideous without makeup? And yes, the beauty I refer to here is that of the outward appearance and physical attractiveness.

After working in the beauty industry as a Product Consultant for the last 12 years (2.5yrs of that as founder of a beauty startup), and as a fashion model for 4 years prior — Honestly, I have seen my fair share of beauty definitions. Women come in all shapes and sizes, and when it comes to physical attractiveness — the degree to which a person’s physical features are considered as pleasing or desirable, it is one factor for which we are more often judged than not by friends and strangers alike.

My good friend and erstwhile venture capitalist Andrea Barrica is one beautiful woman I always look forward to seeing, mostly because she’s a coaching gem that has being greatly instrumental to my journey as a founder, but also because she has such attractive physical features that it doesn’t “get old” watching her talk.

Bobby Brown Beauty Quote

Whilst I realize that it would be completely unrealistic for me to talk about beauty without mentioning outward appearance and physical features, I know firsthand that there is indeed more to this subject than having an aesthetically pleasing face or body. In fact, the media has already done a fine job of brainwashing us into having all sorts of expectations about beauty. And while most of us might be unwilling to readily admit it, the truth remains that we’ve all somewhat become conditioned to rewarding what we perceive as good looks.

But I didn’t want to talk about beauty just from the realm of “looks”; rather I wanted to get a sense of what people meant when they think of themselves as beautiful. So I decided to ask “random” strangers and ask what beauty means to them. The following is a compilation of some of their answers.


“Beauty means”:

  • Anything that makes you look and feel good about yourself
  • The freedom to be who you truly are
  • Feeling great about yourself; being happy and confident with you
  • Being happy inside and out, and not worried about society’s approval
  • Being confident
  • Being 100% true to you without the need or desire to be someone else
  • Elegance, Confidence and Grace
  • Being comfortable in your own skin
  • How you look, feel and carry yourself — how you present yourself as an individual
  • Your personality and how that reflects on the quality of your relationships
  • Believing that you are whole and acting in accordance
  • Accepting of, understanding and expressing who you are, irrespective of your perceived flaws
  • Having a pretty face, healthy body and complete mind
  • Being unique in your own randomness
  • Loving your quirky nose, lopsided smile and great personality
  • Confidence in your own abilities — whether that means winning the Ms. Universe crown or being the queen of your life
  • Being mindful of the needs of others, and using your unique qualities including your pretty face to add meaning to the lives of other people
  • Understanding that everyone is unique, and that our differences is what makes each one of us beautiful
  • Realizing that your outer confidence emanates from your inner belief system
  • Accepting that you won’t always look like a princess, but that what matters is to always feel like a princess
  • Believing that you are stunning, amazing and special

So my dear friends, what does beauty mean to you? I would love to hear your thoughts so please kindly add your voice in the comments section below.

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