Roxbury Town Guide- What to Do, Where to Eat, and Where to Stay

Buried in the Catskills, this little town has some down-home American character that’s hard to find anywhere else. If you’re thinking, “I didn’t even know there was a Roxbury, New York,” let us tell you what you’re missing out on! Here is a list of where to eat, what to do, where to stay and where to drink in the quaint town of Roxbury.

What to Do

Roxbury Arts Group

Roxbury Arts Group is one of a kind entertainment. Amidst the mountains is a performance art movement you’ll want to see. Their performances are top notch and the performers are pleasantly approachable.

Plattekill Ski Lift

This year-long ski lift offers an amazing a spectacular view of Plattekill Mountain. Whether you want to spend the day or just a few hours on the mountain, we recommend giving this a shot!

Plattekill Bike Park

If you enjoy mountain biking, this trail is well-known in the biking world. More than 60 miles of biking trails on this scenic spine of off road twists.

Catskill Scenic Trail

Picturesque is an understatement for this trail. Every way you turn, it looks like a calendar photo. It’s a trail that has to be experienced.

Kirkside Park

This might be the most charming little park you’ll ever visit. It’s the kind of place you’d imagine a character from an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel strolling through in a full three-piece suit. It’s a part of old America that doesn’t look like it has changed since it was first settled.

Roxbury General Store

This place is as cool as it looks. They ‘ve got bike rentals, novelty items, and even games. This is a general store that you don’t want to miss.

Shephard Golf Club

If you’re a golfer this place is for you. Not only do they have some great holes, but their food at Shephard Tavern is excellent!

Where to Eat

Cassie’s Cafe

After you’ve taken a nice stroll through Kirkside Park, you might want to stop in a local cafe with great coffee and food. Cassie’s Cafe isn’t just popular because of their bacon. They’re known for having a welcoming staff with an Upstate feel. The food and atmosphere will serve as a pleasant reminder that you aren’t in the city anymore.

Round Barn Market

For those who want to cook over a campfire, this is a great stop! Plenty of fresh, local and organic food to pick up, from pasture-raised meats, local trout, delicious cheeses and freshly baked breads.

Public Lounge

Now it’s the end of the day, and you’re looking to wind down. Head to the Public Lounge! You won’t be disappointed by this place’s beer selection and food. It’s a restaurant with a pub feel to it. There isn’t anything better than ending your already quaint Roxbury experience than a full belly and local brews.

Where to Drink

Roxbury Wine and Spirits

This place has an excellent local wine and spirits! They often do tasting events. Pick up a bottle. The staff will be happy to help you chose.

Where to Stay

Plattekill Mountain

Nestled perfectly on Plattekill Mountain in Roxbury is a gorgeous tent looking up at rounded green hills. Book now here! For more campsites in or near Roxbury check out our Tentrr map and locations.

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