Hello, my name is Teo Tornaci and today I am bored. This is another test of the miost dangerous writing app, but this time in Hardcore mode. It stlll destroys your writitng if you stpop writiing, but all text iis notblurred. This is hard, and I will inevitably nake a frick to n of mistakes during this thingamajigabob. This is really wierd. But, I can’t see anything, so I got a strat, focus on the freaking keyboard. Seroiusly, you vcna’t tsee the text, so why focus on it? tHIS IS HARD TO DO Uh, 2:51 left, Im confused. And vbiored. Surprised? No?OK. Hey, you should subscribr to me on YouTube @ An Am I doing good? 3, 2, 1, -1, -2d check out Slant News, they’re freaking awesome!. This is really hard you now. I’m actually also in the middle of class. This is wierd. Not cringe level wierd, but wierd nonetheless. Ypu/ I’m obred. You konw what’s horrible? I can see that I made mistakes, but I can’t see the words themselves.

Yop. I;m still not looking m78. Just gonna punblash thiz