Why GOT Season 6 Left Me Bored

When I first started watching Game of Thrones a few years ago I thought, now that’s a show that keeps surprising you. In no time it killed off fan favourites like Khal Drogo, Ned Stark, half of the Stark clan for that matter…And despite its fanbase who have read the books and kept telling the rest of us: “That’s NOT what happened in the book.” or “ I knew that would happen…” we all watched it vigorously, Sunday after Sunday…

But the last season felt different. It was almost too easy, too predictable and way too safe. Daenerys and Jon Snow literally proved they cannot die. Arya got a little bit of revenge. Melisandre suddenly became more likeable, despite killing off a child…It all wrapped up in the last 2 episodes, which were action-packed, but yet again, too predictable.

Sansa was almost hailed Queen in the North…well, she definitely was on Instagram. Jon Snow is a superstar, or half a dragon...I’m pretty sure these two things are equal. Ramsay dies. The ever so patient fans got what they wanted. Rejoice, everyone. But the truth is, we didn’t. No major character (that we cared for deeply or rooted for!) got even hurt! And no, Margaery, Tommen and Rickon were barely anyone’s utmost favourites.

If GOT was good at something, it was good at shocking us, getting rid of characters that made us go: Wooooot!

Season 6 was the first season technically not based on a book (that’s come out and people have read)…Heavily involved in helping out with the script, George Martin has probably forgotten what made GOT different.

RIP, good TV drama.

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