This genius photo experiment shows we are all just sheeple in the consumer matrix
Rian Dundon

Well, you write that people buy clothes to express their personality and do not see that thousands of people are wearing the same stuff. I do not agree, some people just buy whatever piece of clothing they find just because they find it comfortable. The men dressed in denim for example, most of them look like they are not interested in wearing something “special” which can “express their personality”, they probably just grabbed the old denim stuff because it is comfortable and lasts long. The skating guys are all in shorts and shirtless because they are sweating from the heat and skating…should they wear a coat in the heat just to look different or “express their personality?” I don’t think so. Moreover we are giving for granted that people wearing “different” clothes want to express themselves but often people who take a lot of time styling in front of the mirror just try to project a personality which is not real.

I’ve always been considered “different looking” because I would wear black clothes amongst people who wear bright colours, now fashion has made total black the norm so I’d fit in with the masses, the thing is I see nothing particularly creative nor intellectual in opening the wardrobe and picking whatever piece of clothing makes you feel comfortable. In my case, I cannot bother buying or matching coloured clothes and I prefer to show my personality when talking to people about my tastes in music, literature, movies or about my ideals in life.

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