Down Skirt Trials — Day 1

For those that are unfamiliar… These are down skirts:

They are very hip (pun intended) right now thanks to the ‘athleisture’ or ‘trail to town’ trend. The idea is, they provide cover and warmth over leggings. A rear cocoon, and prevent the world from seeing your panty line. And, they are very popular for cross country skiing.

While the name suggests otherwise, they are not all down. Consider skirts pictured above, starting on the left, Mountain Hardware with synthetic insulation. Smartwool with wool filling, and Eiger with down.

Enough history.

The Swix down skirt arrived, the Swix Romsdal 2. It’s constructed with 100g of polyester insulation. This excites me. I think one of the insulated skirt features I am going to enjoy most is the extra warmth, and having a insulation that still (somewhat) does its job when wet and does not coagulate and drift like down would is going to be great. Think sitting on something icy or snowy.

My initial thought was that it was frumpy, which is what I think about all down skirts. But I put it on and I was pretty impressed with how flattering it is. The stitch lines frame the hips and the waist well. At 19 inches, it is short enough that I do not feel like a have a sleeping bag tied around my waist. I noticed the slippery nylon liner and the spandex waist band felt as though they were sliding up a little.

I wore it on a river voyage the following afternoon, a quick SUP and drift boat outing on the Snake River. It’s Novemeber. So, as you might guess, it’s chilly. I wore the skirt over leggings and the skirt performed beautifully. It provided an extra layer while sitting on a cold drift boat seat. It provided an extra barrier from the wettness that apparently happens sitting cross legged on a SUP with another person. Cue earlier comment on the excitement of synthetic over down.

Excited to take it on more adventures.