The HUMAN Side to Bathrooms: Close the Lid on Ignorance

Ignorance: Shoot to Kil~Don’tjudge books by their cover~Aim for the solution, not the problem

News today is embarrassing, and not just because our House leaders acted like middle schoolers, erupting immediately after the vote into Democrat chants of “shame” (that sounded like Republican “pray” to me…) — the fact we are voting over who uses what bathrooms is embarrassing.

…odds of being murdered by a transgendered in a bathroom? A JOKE

Alexisxstetic and I have been involved in several online heated “conversations” about the disturbing trends lately and in reality, they all have two things in common: hysteria and hypocrisy. I could add “idiocy” but that’s subjective. Mostly, we are hearing from women in parenting forums (YIKES!) and they are some mean and judgmental girls.

The things they say about the “transgendered issue” (and they say it like Hitler talked about The Jewish Question) are weighing on my mind today after watching the video of our House after voting for/against LGBT rights (since when aren’t people human, having the same basic human rights as everyone else?).

Let’s talk transgendered in the bathrooms.

Really? We don’t have real problems?

Okay, parents and those who go into dark public bathrooms alone, calm down. I understand, you are fearful for yourselves and your little ones. And hey! Right-winged Bible*** Thumpers, you’re worried about the state of the nation concerning God.

Well, I’ve got the answer. It’s pretty damned easy, too.


First, to the latter, GOD IS IN CHARGE let HIM do it, not YOU. It’s not YOUR problem what your brother/sister/bro-sis/sis-bro is doing! It’s not up to you to judge. It’s not up to you to “fix.” It’s just not not up to you, period. Why are you even questioning this? Your neighbor doesn’t know how he’ll pay for gas this winter but you are pissed off a bathroom that says “women” (or dames or wahine or wan awake or what-the-fuck-ever)(say, that’s what you can go to work on next, that we don’t mark the bathrooms correctly for YOUR language because everyone knows, whatever YOU speak is correct and holy).

Let’s take it a step further — Jesus came down here not to take those who believe and love to Heaven (they are already going there — unless they continue to fuck with the bathroom situation while Junior is starving in the tent next door). He came to show the tax collectors and the prostitutes and the rest of the bad people the way to Heaven. It’s not on a camel, remember? So get off your high horse and get real with God. Forget about the plank in your eye, you’ve got a hole in your heart.

Let’s get serious.

Parents. You should be afraid. There ARE weirdos and pedophiles and people who do mean you harm for no apparent reason, even.

You are right about that.

Here’s where we get our easy fix. Ready?

Make a law saying all bathrooms are equal BUT make a new law and it goes like this:

We don’t care how you were assigned physically, hormonally, or mentally at birth. We don’t care what gender assignment you have and we don’t care if you look like Medusa. We don’t care if you identify with Stephen King, Regina King, or Billie Jean King. These are the people who cannot under any circumstances use ANY public bathrooms: pedophiles, rapists, molesters, arsonists, murderers, torturers, robbers, and, definitely no sociopathic serial killers.
Stop worrying about letting transgenders into the bathroom, they don’t want to be there either.

It is that easy.

Now that we solved that problem, let’s talk guns; we know that bad people will not use guns if we outlaw them, right?

For those of you afraid being around transgendered people in the bathroom will turn you into a transgendered, we could only be so lucky — then you might understand that being transgendered is the last thing they want, too.

***BTW I’m way into the Bible and I love God and I want to kill IGNORANCE not people. A look back at America’s Rape Statistics. PS I used every type of formatting Medium let’s writers use just because I can.

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