Bio. 12.6.16

I’m…kinda weird.

Like I’m a child, but I’m in an old man’s mind, with a slightly younger man’s body. I say slightly because when I was much younger, my definition of an old man was a man about my current age. Even though men much much much, and apparently much older were still existing around him. But he could make his own decisions, and nobody could tell him not to do what he wanted to…because he would just do it anyway…

But he stayed within the limits. Because he was slightly older than himself…

But not by much.

So he did make stupid mistakes, from time to time. But just enough to not result in anything life-threatening; mind and or body wise…

Picture an early, but very careful, learner who hadn’t gotten his driver’s license legally, and has to be at work in 15 or he’ll create a bad impression.

And encounters heavy traffic 8 minutes away.

This is my weird life.


See that…

That bio?

That’s the simplest way I could explain it. For you to understand.

And twitter tries to make you say it in 160 characters.


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